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The one truly unique thing about Pikachu is his tremendously powerful capacity to deliver electric shocks In the Japanese world of 'cute' creatures, Pikachu is probably unprecedented in that sense, and it undoubtedly adds to the character's popularity. The other hugely popular cute mascot to come out of Japan the world over is Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is so harmless that she can't even talk back to you or insult you- she has no mouth!

Pikachu is an original Pokemon and by far the most famous. For this reason he is called a Legendary Pokemon and is one of the characters in the line of Legendary Pokemon cards. It's been a long time since Pikachu first arrived on the scene however and now there are over 400 individual Pokemon. The latest incarnation of the game is called Pokemon Black and White and it wildly popular. If you didn't know, the Pokemon Black and White game has already resulted in many spinoffs including Pokemon Black and White plush toys (stuffed toys), Pokemon Black and White Promo Cards, Pokemon Black and White Game Cards, and special Pokemon Black and White cards like shiny suicune, shiny raikou, and shiny entei.

Hardly any Westerners know Goma Chan, though all Japanese do. Goma Chan is a baby seal, and a seal who's just beginning to get his black spots as he grows out of his snow-white coat. Goma means 'sesame' in Japanese and in this case refers to the appearance of white rice sprinkled with black sesame seeds. In Japanese animation, Goma Chan is the height of cuteness, harmlessness, cuddliness, and vulnerability. While Hello Kitty has the above mentioned quirky feature that I don't particularly care for, Pikachu has a ferocity that never before has come out anything so cute. Goma Chan on the other hand is flawless.

But in truth, Pikachu borrows heavily off the Goma Chan elements. He looks like a baby seal for one thing, though he is yellow. He also looks a little like a cat, drawing off the Doraimon character, which, although not really considered to be cute, is very likable and charming, and finally Pikachu unmistakably has cute bunny ears. He has the kind of cuddly animal look that makes you want to hold him like a big fat lap cat and stroke his ears. He also has a voice that is cute to the point of being 'baby annoying.' And yet, to watch Pikachu battle is awe-inspiring and dashes whatever images of pure cuteness we had of him over the cliff. Pikachu is cute, but potentially a thunder god.

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