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Cute Picture? I suppose you are looking for ways to draw cute caricatures. A caricature is a kind of art which has a certain cartoon look. The main feature of a cute caricature is that the face eats up more than 50% or 60% of an art paper and is drawn exaggeratedly funny.

So, how to draw a quality, cute caricature pictures? It is never been a good way to teach drawing with words. Hence, I have provided information about where you can find step by step and video tutorial of cute caricature drawing in the bottom section.

Here are some basics of drawing a cute pictures of caricature:

Observe the face- Pay attention to the face and expression, print the face features of your subject into your mind and get a feel for that subject. When you watch the face of your subject, take notice of parts which a special, for example big nose, curly eyelashes, or sexy lips etc.

Creative- Drawing a cute caricature need to have some levels of creativity and imagination. There are a lot of ways to draw. Don't be afraid of trying everything out. Every one of us has different ways of expressing our imagination into a piece of paper. So just pick a pencil and a small piece of paper and draw the caricature of your subject in as many ways as possible. You will learn from your process.

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