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Angry Birds: Knock On Wood - The Latest Branch In This Popular Franchise

You would have to be living in a cave to NOT know about the Angry Birds concept. Originally developed for the Apple operating system, sales have reached the tens of millions. As Angry Birds increased in popularity, versions for other touch-screen smartphones quickly developed. There are a number of twists on the Angry Bird original concept available, and now you can have those cute birds and pigs in your home with Angry Birds: Knock On Wood.

Before introducing you to Angry Birds: Knock On Wood, a brief overview of the game is needed. The main plot puts these cute, yet angry birds, against pigs located in structures. Birds are vaulted toward buildings in an effort to destroy them as well as the pigs stationed within. Through strategic planning of angle and speed, and later in the game "special ops" birds and conveniently placed objects, their goal is retrieve eggs as the story goes. Kill the pigs and you advance through levels gradually increasing in difficulty.

The exciting new wing in the Angry Bird concept is a home version of the game released by Mattel, called Angry Birds: Knock On Wood. This games takes that virtual experience and turns it into something tangible, and extremely entertaining.

The main concept of the home version is the same as the original touch-screen smartphone application: shuttle birds at structures to kill the pigs. Game play involves on player designing structures based on the playing cards, or missions, included, while the other players take shots at knocking down the buildings and earning points. The first person to attain one thousand points is the winner.

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